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Emergency Light Repair on July 4th


One of the things Americans like to do on holidays is go shopping. This past weekend we had an emergency call from a shoe store, as the support wire for a light fixture snapped and we were asked to quickly …

Repair or Secure Light Fixture for Safety

The wiring wasn’t anything we could find locally, and the allen wrench to open the support can attached to the ceiling was a non-standard size. We removed the fixture and submitted photos for replacement parts.


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Ceilings Can Get Complicated

Finding Space for New Ceiling Grids

We do quite a few small jobs for local businesses, mostly restaurants, retail stores and small offices. These jobs are more challenging than most repairs in a home, because a business is trying to accomplish many different goals in a limited amount of space.

This particular job involved placing grids on the ceiling to support various banners that get hung occassionally to showcase new products or announce a special promotion. The store received 6 grids which were to be installed in a row. However, there were so many other fixtures (track lighting, sprinklers, etc.) on the ceiling that it took some... 

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