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Tips to Save Money: Bubble Wrap

Window Insulator Kit

The  current federal tax credits are meant to help home owners save energy, and windows are one of the top ways to reduce your energy costs BUT they’re expensive, even with the tax credits which only apply to the cost of the windows.

For many home owners, new windows aren’t any option right now. That’s fine but every home owner should still be looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. Here is a creative way for home owners to “insulate” their windows? Not the insulation you typically think of, and not a building product but it helps.

Look for Creative Ways... 

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Screws, Bolts, Nuts and Washers?

How Do I Find the Right Hardware?

Every home owner has a collection of screws, nails and other hardware. The challenge is knowing which is which, so when the directions call for some wing nuts, you know what to look for.

How Do I Find the Right Hardware?

If you’re looking for help sorting out all the hardware you’ve collected over the years, here is Steve Maxwell’s Bolts, Screws and More – A Reference.


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Why Calling a Handyman Might Be Cheaper

... You Also Need Power Tools

… You Also Need Power Tools

People are worried about the economy and they should be. Many are learning to rethink how they spend money. Have you thought about things you can live without? or spending less on vacation this year by driving instead of flying. Some home owners are starting to do their own car and home repairs with mixed results.

Saturday’s New York Times article by Susan Saulny,

Even to Save Cash Cash, Don’t Try This Stuff at Home

provides some great stories about why this isn’t always a good idea. You might think it’s easy to replace your toilet... 

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