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Organize Your Basement (or Garage) Storage

When you

What’s in your basement? Your garage? Are you using this bonus space in your home to make things easier or more difficult?  Are there enough shelves so everyone in the family knows where to store things and find them when needed?

It’s so quick and easy to pile the clutter you’ve accumulated in the basement or garage when you’re cleaning up for company.  You close the door and, like magic, the clutter disappears.

Unfortunately magic tricks don’t work in real life.  How often do you go back and sort out all that stuff that conveniently disappeared?  The piles get bigger and... 

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Take Care When Digging a Hole

digging a hole is fun & work when it

You’re ready to plant some new shrubs in your backyard when a neighbor walks over and asks if you’ve checked to see where the utility lines are? You don’t know what he’s talking about – it’s your yard, and you assume you can do anything you want there but you’re wrong.

Digging that hole is not as simple as digging sand at the beach. You may own your property and control what happens above ground but utility companies have buried pipes and lines underneath your land. The lines are already there and you don’t want to damage them as you might end... 

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Fencing for Pets, Privacy & More

pick your fencing for the right reason

When we go outdoors, our views change as we’re now able to see 360 degrees around us. Most of the time we like what we’re able to see but sometimes we would rather not see our neighbors trash, or would like more privacy when we’re relaxing on our back deck.

A common misconception is when you install a fence, it has to enclose a space and have a gate. That simply isn’t true as fencing can also be used for decoration and privacy. That’s why we wanted to share the many ways we’ve found homeowners using fencing.

Here are fence ideas we... 

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