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Types of Contractor Estimates

there are different types of contractor estimates

There are different types of contractor estimates. Understanding how the different estimates work can make the dialog between homeowners and contractors more comfortable. Everyone has heard contractor horror stories, and there isn’t a contractor out there who doesn’t have a homeowner horror story or two … although a professional will never bad mouth a previous client to a potential client.  

The key to a successful relationship with your contractor is communication. It is crucial to establish a relationship so you feel comfortable asking questions as the project progresses.

As a homeowner you must have a good understanding of the work you are... 

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What Are Your Monthly Home Expenses?

many items go into monthly home expenses

When you bought your house, did you really look at all your monthly home expenses? You probably focused on how much you could afford to spend for your new house based on mortgage payments. You might have been limited by how much the bank was willing to loan you, combined with your down payment. The banks are helpful to a point – they make sure you’ll be able to pay principal, interest, taxes and insurance, everything needed to protect the asset behind your home loan.

What few homeowners add into the equation of how much home they can afford, are all... 

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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

fall maintenance includes cleaning gutters

The leaves are starting to turn color which means it’s time to plan your fall maintenance strategy. We know you’re busy now, and life gets busier as the holidays approach. That’s why it’s a good idea to plan how you want to tackle your fall maintenance chores before winter arrives.

Remember that home maintenance is preventive just like going to the doctor for your annual checkup. When you focus on home maintenance you’re saving money because you’re reducing the need for repairs and extending the life of many home features which cost money and time to replace.

Fall Maintenance – What to Inspect... 

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Time for Caulking Windows & Doors?

caulking windows keeps water out

Most homeowners think about sinks and bathtubs when they hear someone talk about caulking. You might not realize caulking windows and doors is a great way to stop drafts in your home. It’s more common to leave exterior caulking to when you paint your home but reviewing and replacing exterior caulking to reduce your winter heating bills can be done at anytime.

We’ll use caulking windows to explain why caulking is important and then summarize other areas of your home’s where caulking can help stop air and water from entering your home.

How Caulking Windows Works

Think of your home’s exterior walls like... 

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Home Maintenance Can Save You Money

home maintenance requires the right tools & materials

Home maintenance isn’t as much fun as gardening or playing golf, but it’s important for homeowners to protect their investment in their home. What we all lack is enough time to have fun and relax, so maybe it’s time to hire a handyman to come quarterly and take care of your punchlist, much the way a cleaning service helps you keep your home clean.

We might be biased but we don’t understand why everyone things paying someone to clean is a great idea, but they’d rather do their own home maintenance? Your handyman will bring the right tools and basic materials... 

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Home Warranties Provide Buyer Security

a home warranty reduces the risk of serious problems needing repairs

Home warranties make a a home more attractive to prospective buyers because they’re protected from major repairs during their first year of ownership when they’re getting familiar with their new home. Sellers will often pay for a home warranty to make their home more attractive and many homeowners maintain their warranty year-after-year to avoid worrying about replacing major home systems or appliance when required.

There are different types of home warranties depending on whether you’re buying an existing or new home. You’ll should read the fine print for any home warranty to understand what’s covered and the rules you must follow to... 

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Estimates: How Honest or Simply Sales?

estimates can

Remodeling and home repair estimates are a lot like store price tags on clothes. For those who only want to buy things on sale, you tend to pick the lowest price. With clothing, you may forget about the seam that splits open on the first washing or turtleneck sweaters where the elasticity doesn’t last through one season … or like me, you might recognize the problem and change where you shop for clothing.

So let me share some real stories from my experience running my businesses, as you might have one or two stories while we have lots of stories from working... 

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Caulking Tips for Homeowners

caulking windows inside reduces air leaks

Caulking is a routine home maintenance job. It’s very important but there’s little to remind us when old caulking fails to keep the water out, or air is leaking and raising our utility bills. Caulking won’t stick like a door that’s difficult to close but it may crack or separate from the window it’s protecting, so it no longer provides an airtight seal against water, air, dust and insects.

That’s why we offer quarterly home maintenance checklists, to remind you about items that need ongoing maintenance and repairs. This spring you’ll easily spot the screens than have holes and need to... 

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Spring Checklist Helps You Maintain Your Investment

Wood decks require ongoing maintenance - cleaning, repairs & sealing/staining

Your home is a major investment so if you want to protect and maintain your investment you must consistently perform routine home maintenance. And as the temperatures rise, spring is an ideal time to evaluate your home and see where you can make repairs that will help you retain your home’s value. This spring checklist will help you keep track of necessary home repairs and may even identify what routine maintenance you’ve not considered.

Did you know that the average length of time you’re likely to spend in your home is 10+ years?  Consider this: if you bought a 10 year... 

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Home Offices on a Budget

home office save you time

Almost everyone needs a home office these days. The more important question is who’s going to use the home office and how are they going to use it? There’s a big difference between needing a home office to collect and pay family bills, and file paperwork you need to keep longer. Maybe you’re a teacher and spend some evenings doing lesson plans and grading papers? Some corporate employees work at home most of the week and there are a growing number of entrepreneurs running businesses from a home office. What do you need your home office for? Do you feel that... 

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