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Home Repairs: Reasons to Call a Handyman

home repairs often mean getting on a ladder

Homeowners might tackle home repairs two or three times a year and that’s great. A handyman is doing home repairs around 200 days a year, which is why they’ve got the tools and experience to get things done quickly and with quality.

If you buy a new home, your builder’s warranty should cover repairs during the first year but after that you’re like every other owner, responsible for home maintenance and … sadly, your house doesn’t come with an owners manual.

Most homeowners don’t enjoy doing home repairs, and we understand that often it’s as simple as not enough time. There are... 

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Home Repairs After Storms

home repair requires tools & skills

Home repair after a storm is complicated and stressful, as everything is an unknown, unplanned and you want to get things done as quickly as possible. First you need to make temporary repairs to avoid further damage and then there’s cleanup which provides some time to think through and plan your repair priorities. Next you need to address any water problems as these multiple rapidly if left unchecked.

Then you can start through the list of items needing attention. Seldom will you have the time or skills to do most tasks yourself, and don’t worry as you likely will still spend... 

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Peanut Butter and Home Maintenance

You can start practicing applying drywall mud, by paying attention to how you spread your peanut butter

Applying drywall mud to even a small patch on the wall isn’t easy because once it’s painted, you don’t want to see it!

Spreading peanut butter is easy because once you eat the sandwich, no one knows (or cares) how beautiful it looked. You spread both with a knife, until you have a smooth coating and I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this analogy to have fun explaining a technical topic that few people want to ready about … so hope you have fun reading this article.

We go to school to learn how to read,... 

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Home Ownership: Who’s On Your Team?


My plumber taught me an important lesson years ago, before I started my handyman business. My family was in the middle of a huge remodeling project on our 100 year Victorian home. A neighbor stopped by and asked him to look at her heating system. He went over to her home and gave his opinion after listening to her description of the problem and viewing her system. A few days later he shared the conversation, and I’ve never forgotten his recommendation “… go back to the contractor who installed the system.”

Build Your Home Support Team Now!

My plumber explained to my... 

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Save Water, Energy & the Environment

Saving Water is Up to You

Today we are being bombarded with so many messages, it is hard to sort through the clutter.

Saving Water is Up to You

Save the Environment … or any type of Green message Save Energy … most often combined with saving Money

Many of these messages are valid as Americans use (waste?) more natural resources per person than any other country. While many of the sponsors of these messages have their own agenda, what they are trying to accomplish collectively is a change in the mind set of the average American.

We can and should commit to making changes in how we... 

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