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Kitchens and Holidays

Everyone likes to decorate their table during the holidays

Kitchens get their biggest workout during the holidays. We tend to have big family meals, maybe a neighborhood gathering and of course, people always gather in the kitchen. This presents some challenges for those who aren’t happy with their kitchens. That’s why you ought to consider making a few quick changes so you’re happy when you’re cooking, baking and entertaining this year.

Our idea — rather than invest lots of time and money decorating for the holidays, make changes in your kitchen that you can enjoy this year and every year. As people stay in their homes longer, the need to... 

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Clearing Kitchen Clutter

Over stuffed kitchen cabinets make it hard to find anything

How often have you looked for something in your kitchen and been unable to find it? Or worse, you can see the dish you want but you’ll have to climb on a chair or ladder to reach it and you don’t have enough time?

An inexpensive way to find more storage space in your kitchen is to get rid of things you’re not really using. You’re not the only one suffering from too much stuff. There are professional organizers like Jamie Martin, who can help you de-clutter your home if you’re unable to do it yourself. Most homeowners will cook and... 

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Ideas for More Kitchen Storage

Specialty sliding shelves like this one put what you need at your fingertips

During the holidays, many of us spend more time in the kitchen, preparing meals and baking cookies. If you don’t bake a lot the rest of the year, it might get a bit challenging to find all your baking pans, cookie sheets, spices and even your favorite recipes. It might be time to try something new this year.

We’ve got some tips to share on sliding shelves and various kitchen storage ideas to help you stretch the space you have. It’s also important to clear the clutter by letting go of some gadgets you haven’t used in years, to make it... 

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Light Up Your Kitchen this Winter

Kitchen lighting affect the mood while preparing food or entertaining guests

When the days get shorter, we rely on our indoor lighting more. One way to update your kitchen in time for the holidays is to add some extra lighting, and if you use the new CFL or LED technology, you won’t really add much to your electric bill.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about the lighting in your kitchen. Lights are like many other features that make your home run smoothly – you don’t notice them until there’s a problem. When all your lighting illuminates the space you’re in, it’s working right. At the same time, you might not realize if... 

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Replacing Washing Machine Hoses

Buying a new washing machine is fun but pay careful attention to how it

Washing machine hoses? Just as important as picking the right (energy efficient) washing machine, is making sure your new washer is installed and maintained properly.

We get interesting questions from our customers and many of them are things every homeowner should know, so we wanted to share this advice with you.

A recent email from a customer asked if she should replace the rubber hoses to her washing machine to avoid dry rotting, as someone had recommended. She also asked about the right type of metal hose to use … so here’s the answer, and if you’re not comfortable making this... 

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Beautiful Kitchens All Year Long

Kitchens are functional nd they can also be beautiful with the right decorating touches

Kitchens are the most important room in any house. When we design kitchens though, we focus on the activities that take place in the kitchen, from cooking and baking to family meals, homework and bill paying.

During the holidays we love decorating our homes. It’s the time of year where we do more entertaining at home with family dinners and parties so we can enjoy the holiday spirit with our friends and neighbors.

The question then is why not decorate our kitchens for enjoyment all year round, so we decided to get really creative and look at all the ways to decorate... 

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Getting Organized in the Kitchen

Display items you use frequently where you can see them & get them easily like these spices and cups

We spend more time in the kitchen around the holidays. Whether we’re baking cookies or preparing a Thanksgiving feast for our family, there’s a lot that happens in the kitchen this time of year. With that in mind … and knowing my significant other will ask for some help getting organized, here are some fun products that can help you stay organized all year round.

Open Shelving

Shelving is a great solution for the items you use all the time. Shown here is a collection of Pottery Barn’s spices, tea bags and cups. They have a wide assortment of stainless... 

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2010 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, a Peak Inside

If you’ve ever wondered about how new home products get introduced to the marketplace, here’s a video that offers a glimpse inside this years’ Kitchen & Bath Industry show. Home owners are spending less on kitchen remodels by choosing less expensive solutions, i.e. painting instead of wallpaper … and laminates instead of granite. Have fun watching and hope you get some ideas, and if you need some help you know how to reach us.


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2010, Cash For Applicances


Where 2009 was the year to trade in your old, 4 wheel clunker and get a government rebate, 2010 is the year to trade in your old appliances. The federal appliance rebate program starts early this year with funding of $300 million or about $1 per US resident.  States get roughly this amount based on population, with California getting the most at $35.2 million. The focus is on upgrading older appliances to more energy efficient models that use less energy and in some cases, less water.

Eligible Appliances Vary by State

You’ll need to do your homework to take advantage of this... 

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Hardwood Floors in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Refinishing Floors is a Big Job

Hardwood floors are beautiful and a great option if you’ve decided not to move and want to update your home. You may also see benefits when it comes time to sell, either in a higher price or selling faster when similar homes on the market don’t have hardwood floors.

If you are considering hardwood floors, one of the things you have to decide is what rooms do you want to install hardwood flooring in? This question leads to the subject of this article …

How practical are hardwood floors near water?

Hardwood floors, when you look at them visually, appear to be... 

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