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Light Up Your Kitchen this Winter

Kitchen lighting affect the mood while preparing food or entertaining guests

When the days get shorter, we rely on our indoor lighting more. One way to update your kitchen in time for the holidays is to add some extra lighting, and if you use the new CFL or LED technology, you won’t really add much to your electric bill.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about the lighting in your kitchen. Lights are like many other features that make your home run smoothly – you don’t notice them until there’s a problem. When all your lighting illuminates the space you’re in, it’s working right. At the same time, you might not realize if... 

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CFLs: Learn Why You Want Them


You’ve heard about CFLs, short for Compact Florescent Lightbulbs. Do you know why you should be using them throughout your home? They’ll save you money and time as you won’t have to replace them as frequently as you do incandescent bulbs. You’ll also be helping the environment as CFLs use less electricity.

Habits are safe, comfortable and you don’t have to think about things when it’s what you’ve always done. In fact we’re much more flexible than we realize when you think about televisions (50 years ago, they were black and white), home phones that required you to stay glued to... 

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Emergency Light Repair on July 4th


One of the things Americans like to do on holidays is go shopping. This past weekend we had an emergency call from a shoe store, as the support wire for a light fixture snapped and we were asked to quickly …

Repair or Secure Light Fixture for Safety

The wiring wasn’t anything we could find locally, and the allen wrench to open the support can attached to the ceiling was a non-standard size. We removed the fixture and submitted photos for replacement parts.


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Energy Choices: Best CLF Manufacturer

Sylvania CFLs

Sylvania CFLs

During a recent training session for Mr/My Handyman technicians, we were reviewing our green checklist, and specifically those quick projects that offer great savings to our customers. CFL lightbulbs are at the top of the list along with programmable thermostats, and the technicians consistently said that Sylvania’s products are the best.

Another technician who has them throughout his home, said they brighten quickly where other bulbs take a few seconds. Another technician who’s toured one of the Sylvania manufacturing plants, said their focus on quality control is excellent.

Mr/My Handyman Training

Technicians were also quick to point out some of... 

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Tips for Recycling CFL Bulbs

Compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs are gaining in popularity as they use 75% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs. It is also easy to convert to CFLs. You simply replace old light bulbs in your existing light fixtures, with new CFLs.

However CFLs contain mercury which makes their disposal more challenging. Home Depot has announced a CFL recycling program. Bring unbroken CFLs in a plastic bag and place in one of the designated brigh orange collection units. Home Depot will coordinate the packaging, transportation and recycling of your CFLs.

To clean up a broken florescent bulb (EPA recommended steps):

Before cleaning up,... 

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