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Clearing Kitchen Clutter

Over stuffed kitchen cabinets make it hard to find anything

How often have you looked for something in your kitchen and been unable to find it? Or worse, you can see the dish you want but you’ll have to climb on a chair or ladder to reach it and you don’t have enough time?

An inexpensive way to find more storage space in your kitchen is to get rid of things you’re not really using. You’re not the only one suffering from too much stuff. There are professional organizers like Jamie Martin, who can help you de-clutter your home if you’re unable to do it yourself. Most homeowners will cook and... 

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Storage Shelves & Hooks


Every home can use more storage but where do you find the room to add storage. so let’s start at the front door and walk through the house to find places where you can easily add storage on a budget.

Let us help you find the right storage solution for your home!


Not every home has a coat closet by the front door, nor does every home need one. The entryway to the right is in Florida where they seldom wear coats. This simple table (also called a console) offers a number of things:

Table top to put down packages when... 

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Mudrooms Mean Business

A bench is one of the most important features of a mud room for people to sit when changing their shoes

Mudrooms provide the perfect place to store things you wear or take with you when leaving the house. By creating a mudroom, you can avoid morning stress that comes when you can find the car keys, or the bills you paid and need to go into the mailbox or the homework you signed last night that didn’t get into your child’s backpack.

There aren’t a lot of choices about where the mudroom goes as the first feature of a mudroom is the door your family uses most often to enter and leave the house. You’re lucky if that door is... 

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Getting Organized in the Kitchen

Display items you use frequently where you can see them & get them easily like these spices and cups

We spend more time in the kitchen around the holidays. Whether we’re baking cookies or preparing a Thanksgiving feast for our family, there’s a lot that happens in the kitchen this time of year. With that in mind … and knowing my significant other will ask for some help getting organized, here are some fun products that can help you stay organized all year round.

Open Shelving

Shelving is a great solution for the items you use all the time. Shown here is a collection of Pottery Barn’s spices, tea bags and cups. They have a wide assortment of stainless... 

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Exterior Doors: How Many Types?

Doors that Welcome

Doors that Welcome

Exterior doors play an important role in keeping the weather outside while providing access to your home for those you invite to enter. In fact the concept of doors for safety and access has a long history. Today we look to government to protect our country’s border and safety is a factor when selecting the town where we live. We no longer need moats and drawbridges yet we still decide among the few uninvited guests, who we’ll chat with briefly and not let into our home, while others will be invited after we gain a degree of... 

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Bathroom Storage: Where To Find It


Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in a house but we expect a lot from them. We also try to stuff a lot of things into our bathrooms with the hope that we’ll always have what we need, and thus save time. The problem with too much stuff? You might not be able to find what you want, when you want (need) it. Here are ideas to help you find and/or create more storage in your bathroom.

Look Behind the Doors

One of the most cost effective ways to add storage to a bathroom – putting hooks on the back of your doors.... 

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Product Review: Rollout Shelves

Unpacking the Shelves

Selecting the right materials for the job is one reason why you want to call a professional handyman.  Probably the best example is which caulk do I use? Customers often call after their personal attempt to replace caulking fails (and I will write a post about buying caulk, I promise).

Recently Mark Barone, owner of Shelf Improvement, called to tell me he was introducing a new line of rollout shelves. He wanted my opinion on ease of installation, as well as feedback on the benefits from using the product. We came up with a plan which included blogging about our experience,... 

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