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Why Did My Water Pipe Freeze?

Water pipes can freeze when they

Water temperatures drop, water freezes it expands and in a pipe it might burst the pipe depending on the amount of pressure. When plumbing pipes burst, water escapes and goes in many directions with a good chance there will be serious damage and repairs. The worst case is when the pipe bursts inside a wall, where you can hear it but can’t see it. That’s when you need to shut your water off as quickly as possible so if you don’t already know how to shut your water off, read Home Emergencies: Shutting Off Your Water here on our blog.


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Freezeless Faucets Offer Great Protection

Freezeproof Faucets @

You probably have several exterior water faucets for washing your car, watering the lawn, etc. Exterior faucets are great for all those outdoor activities but they also expose home owners to potential water leaks. A common problem we see at Mr. Handyman in the spring, are burst pipes. This happens when the home owner forgets to drain these faucets in the fall.

Unfortunately if water remains in the pipe leading from the heated inside of the house, it can freeze and expand causing the pipe to burst. Often the problem won’t be discovered until someone turns on the faucet in the... 

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