Exterior Services

Mr Handyman is a professional handyman service and your satisfaction is our top priority. We can fix more than 90% of the things at your home from installing a mailbox to replacing rotted wood siding. We do hundreds of different jobs each month including those listed below. No job is too small for us … and if you don’t see something on your list, just ask.

Our technicians average more than 15 years experience and they’re insured. They wear uniforms and drive a clearly marked Mr Handyman van so you know who they are. We arrive ON TIME and our goal is DONE RIGHT, or we’ll come back to make the necessary repairs.

Inspect your home’s exterior each year and save money!

Assembly – We assemble storage sheds, swing sets, picnic tables and more. Homeowners often underestimate how long it takes to assemble a swing set (and so do the manufacturers in their advertisements) so we recommend you read Swing Sets: Research Before You Buy.

Cleaning – We save you time by handling the pressure washing in preparation for painting or to clean vinyl siding. We also clean patios & deck furniture, do yard cleanup and junk removal which is especially helpful after some of our storms.

Concrete and Masonry Repairs – Big or small, we repair or rebuild small concrete structures around your home including entry steps, walkways and retaining walls. We work with brick from walkways to steps, walls and of course chimneys which need periodic maintenance.

To enjoy your home's deck, you've got to maintain itDecks, Patios and Porches – When the weather is nice you want to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s a front porch or a deck/patio in the backyard. We handle all aspects of maintenance from cleaning to staining and sealing decks. We build decks and patios or upgrade what you’ve got to new, low maintenance materials like composite decking.

Doors – We take doors for granted until there’s a problem and repairing/replacing doors is one of our specialties. We’re always installing screen/storm doors or swapping them out in the spring and fall. We handle lots of exterior door problems like rotted trim, thresholds and the kick plates immediately under the door that get lots of rain splash back. Whether you need help with a pet door, a bulkhead or garage door, give us a call.

Exterior Carpentry – Even when you have stucco, brick or vinyl siding, you’ve got lots of wood trim that needs occasional repair work. From the fascia and soffit below the roof line, to gable vents, corner boards and trim around your doors and windows, we can help you.

Fencing and Gates – Whether you want to install a new fence or repair/replace an existing fence, we have experience with wood, vinyl and metal fencing. We handle storm damage plus gates which often need work when the latch isn’t closing.

Exterior Painting – We can paint your entire house, just the trim or sometimes homeowners like us to handle the painting that has to be done from a ladder. You decide how much you want us to paint and give us a call and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Gutters and Roofing – We rarely think about the top of the house way up high but occasionally you’ll have a few shingles come down during a wind storm or a leak inside your home and it can only be coming from the roof. We’ll work to find and fix the leak and gutters depending on how much debris they collect, should be cleaned once or twice a year … or maybe it’s time to install gutters to keep your home’s foundation dry.

Miscellaneous – It’s amazing how many small things are on the outside of a house. We are always re-installing mailboxes and an occasional bird house. People sometimes want us to install a new awning, a trellis against the house or shutters you can’t live without.

Pets – Most families have pets and they’re part of the family. That means they need a pet door to go out/in when they want, and sometimes this includes a ramp to reach the door on one/both sides. We build dog runs or maybe finish the dog house you started but ran out of time.

Senior Safety – With our baby boomer population we’re building more handicap ramps. Sometimes it’s just an extra railings where today there’s one on just one side of the stairs. We work with you to find a solution that’s right for your home and family.

Siding, Fascia and Soffits – The largest exterior surface of most houses is the siding so we handle lots of repairs from replacing a few rotted boards or vinyl siding that had an accident with a baseball. We repair the fascia and soffits under the roof including wrapping these with aluminum coil stock to eliminate costly painting and the risk of wood rot.

Weatherization – After you pay to heat or cool your home, you want to keep that conditioned air inside. That’s why you need to seal any gaps around doors, windows and where your home sits on it’s foundation. This is done with caulking windows and weather stripping.

Make repairs to rotted wood quickly or you'll spend more when the damage grows largerWindows – Whether you have a single, double hung window to replace or a new bay window to install, we can do the job for you. We handle jobs as small as replacing a window sill, to replacing all the windows in your home. We can change the size of a window, order a replacement window, build a custom screen and sometimes repair older windows that you can’t open easily.

Wood Rot Repairs – A specialty at Mr Handyman, we handle any type of wood rot repair from a single window sill, to a door threshold or new door that also needs to be re-framed. We know where the problems are – decks not installed properly so the ledger board against your home is causing the siding to rot, or fascia boards behind gutters and kick plates under doors.