Fun Projects to Spruce Up Your Yard

house-mailbox-a4who-tgWe can spend a lot of time cleaning up the yard after a long winter, pruning trees and shrubs, laying down mulch and so much more. At the end it’s always nice to have a fun project, so we thought it would be fun to share these ideas with you.

We’ll start at the street the way visitors or prospective home buyers might view your house. That’s a good perspective to keep in mind when trying to decide which home improvements to make. Of course they should all be ones you’ll enjoy, but why not pick ones that will also pay off when it’s time to sell your house. So starting at the curb, and coming up the driveway, here’s what you might see:

  • The mailbox – is functional but it can also be decorated to make a great first impression. The mailbox post might simply need a new coat of paint, or maybe you saw one at Lowe’s you really like. Maybe you love gardening so some nice shrubs and flowers around the mailbox, might be more fun?
  • From the driveway, you might add a small picket fence and arbor, to show guests where to walk to reach the family door as very few of us use our front doors.
  • Or maybe you’ve been wanting to put in a bluestone walkway, or that was last year’s project and this year you want to add lighting along the walkway?
  • Well maybe it’s time to dress up the front of your house a little. Shutters are fairly popular but they’re expensive and everyone has them. A beautiful trellis can create visual interest at a more affordable price, even if it’s custom built.

features to spruce up your yard

  • Have you always wanted a larger deck? One approach is to add a second deck level, above or below your existing deck … you just need to think outside the box. 
  • Maybe you like the size of your deck or patio, and a few built-in seats or flower boxes would add the wow factor you’re looking for?

home features to spruce up your yard

So of course there are way more ideas than we can include here, but we hope we’ve helped you start to dream about making your home’s outdoor living space more fun.

And to make sure it’s fun, we offer the following tips on picking low maintenance materials.

  • Think about the colors you pick as white and light colors will show dirt faster, and need to be cleaned more often.
  • Don’t get put off by composite materials that cost more than traditional, pressure treated wood. Compare the total cost over the life of a deck, say 20 years. If you have to stain and seal a wood deck every other year, add that cost times 10 … to get a more realistic price.
  • Try to find home features that fill multiple roles, like seats on a deck that also take the place of railings (but don’t forget to check on building code requirements for safety).

And most of all, have a wonderful spring outdoors.

PS If you’re visual, visit Pinterest and/or Houzz for lots more ideas for your home and yard.


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