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Types of Contractor Estimates

there are different types of contractor estimates

There are different types of contractor estimates. Understanding how the different estimates work can make the dialog between homeowners and contractors more comfortable. Everyone has heard contractor horror stories, and there isn’t a contractor out there who doesn’t have a homeowner horror story or two … although a professional will never bad mouth a previous client to a potential client.  

The key to a successful relationship with your contractor is communication. It is crucial to establish a relationship so you feel comfortable asking questions as the project progresses.

As a homeowner you must have a good understanding of the work you are... 

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Take Care When Digging a Hole

digging a hole is fun & work when it

You’re ready to plant some new shrubs in your backyard when a neighbor walks over and asks if you’ve checked to see where the utility lines are? You don’t know what he’s talking about – it’s your yard, and you assume you can do anything you want there but you’re wrong.

Digging that hole is not as simple as digging sand at the beach. You may own your property and control what happens above ground but utility companies have buried pipes and lines underneath your land. The lines are already there and you don’t want to damage them as you might end... 

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Home Warranties Provide Buyer Security

a home warranty reduces the risk of serious problems needing repairs

Home warranties make a a home more attractive to prospective buyers because they’re protected from major repairs during their first year of ownership when they’re getting familiar with their new home. Sellers will often pay for a home warranty to make their home more attractive and many homeowners maintain their warranty year-after-year to avoid worrying about replacing major home systems or appliance when required.

There are different types of home warranties depending on whether you’re buying an existing or new home. You’ll should read the fine print for any home warranty to understand what’s covered and the rules you must follow to... 

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Estimates: How Honest or Simply Sales?

estimates can

Remodeling and home repair estimates are a lot like store price tags on clothes. For those who only want to buy things on sale, you tend to pick the lowest price. With clothing, you may forget about the seam that splits open on the first washing or turtleneck sweaters where the elasticity doesn’t last through one season … or like me, you might recognize the problem and change where you shop for clothing.

So let me share some real stories from my experience running my businesses, as you might have one or two stories while we have lots of stories from working... 

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Building Costs: More Than Just Square Footage

Every Corner Changes Cost

Building costs are tied to the number of square feet in a house. But, as the size of a house increases, the cost per square foot goes down because you can spread the cost of excavation, the foundation and exterior envelope, and the heating and cooling systems across more square feet.

Costs are also affected by the  complexity of the house design. For example, in the photo to the left, rather than a room that’s rectangular with 4 corners, there are at least 10 corners (7 visible in the photo) and that takes more labor and materials to build.

That’s a fairly simple... 

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Custom Houses: Matching Exterior House Style with Location

custom houses

Custom houses are something we all dream about, yet few people turn those dreams into reality. What if you want a contemporary, custom house but most of the custom houses on the street are traditional? This happens a lot in New England if you don’t want to move into a development of all new homes because they look too much alike.

An experience architect will help you explore different exterior home styles and design a home that meets your taste and fits your  neighborhood. You see, it’s not just the shape of the house, but also the windows, siding, front door and... 

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Find the Custom Home Builder For You

custom home builders

Finding the perfect custom home builder  can have its challenges. There are several types of builders, so you need to determine what kind of home builder is right for you, based on your requirements and budget.

Starting at the top, there are ”high end luxury home builders” in contrast to “community or production builders” who build hundreds of homes each year. In the middle, are smaller “custom home builders” who stay actively involved in your project from beginning to end.

High End, Luxury Custom Home Builders

High end and luxury custom home builders typically maintain high overhead. They work out of expensive offices and... 

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