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Mailboxes & Flower Boxes for Curbside Appeal


When you think about doing things around your home, they often feel big, overwhelming and expensive. That’s why we wanted to share ideas for some of the smaller features you can add to your home that won’t break the bank and because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll share our ideas with photos. Some of these we’ve installed for home owners, and others are ideas we think you’ll enjoy.


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What is Curb Appeal … Exactly?


Sometimes we use terminology common to our industry but not well understood by others. Curb appeal is most commonly used by realtors to refer to the  first impression a home makes from the road or driveway, an appearance that says your home is clean and well maintained, that motivates a prospective buyer to study your house  more closely. While more people talk about curb appeal when buying or selling a house, curb appeal is also felt by your guests and neighbors who drive or stop by … so yes, curb appeal is important.

Tips to Create More Curb Appeal

Now that you’re... 

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Video Showing How Popcorn Ceilings are Removed

A short while back, I wrote several posts about removing popcorn ceilings. It’s a very messy process and if you’ve not done it before, you want to cover your walls and floor with plastic.

Step 1 should always be to get your popcorn texture tested for asbestos, and if the results are positive you should use a professional for removal (required in some states like California). There are several articles you can read … just click on “Ceilings / Walls” to the right.

The video will give you a feeling for the steps involved, but also realize this guy is a pro... 

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Can the New Home Buyer Tax Credit Help You?

A Great Time to Buy!

If you own a home, you probably didn’t pay much attention to the home buyer tax credit for First Time Home Buyers. Now most home owners are eligible for the new tax credit, which has been extended through April, 2010. Why … because Congress understands how many industries are stalled until we get the cycle of buying and selling real estate moving. It affects the economy, and that means it affects all of us!

The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009

The new tax credit for existing home owners is worth of up to $6,500 for qualified move-up/repeat home buyers... 

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