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Earth Day: 10 Tips for a Sustainable Home

Everyone can play a role in a green earth

Today is the 41st Earth Day and millions of people around the world are recognizing the day with different activities. If you want to join a local event, check earthday.org  and their Billion Acts of Green!

Moving closer to home, it seems appropriate to review some of the eco-friendly products that are being introduced for the home. These products help save the environment through reduced energy and/or water use, they can also save you money and many are healthier too!

Green Products Outside Your Home

1. Decks – extend your living space to the outdoors and there are several ways to take better... 

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CFLs: Learn Why You Want Them


You’ve heard about CFLs, short for Compact Florescent Lightbulbs. Do you know why you should be using them throughout your home? They’ll save you money and time as you won’t have to replace them as frequently as you do incandescent bulbs. You’ll also be helping the environment as CFLs use less electricity.

Habits are safe, comfortable and you don’t have to think about things when it’s what you’ve always done. In fact we’re much more flexible than we realize when you think about televisions (50 years ago, they were black and white), home phones that required you to stay glued to... 

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Energy Choices: Best CLF Manufacturer

Sylvania CFLs

Sylvania CFLs

During a recent training session for Mr/My Handyman technicians, we were reviewing our green checklist, and specifically those quick projects that offer great savings to our customers. CFL lightbulbs are at the top of the list along with programmable thermostats, and the technicians consistently said that Sylvania’s products are the best.

Another technician who has them throughout his home, said they brighten quickly where other bulbs take a few seconds. Another technician who’s toured one of the Sylvania manufacturing plants, said their focus on quality control is excellent.

Mr/My Handyman Training

Technicians were also quick to point out some of... 

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