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Patio Doors to Special Places


We’re lucky to live today with massive amounts of glass that let us enjoy the outdoors year round. Patio doors are unique in the multiple roles they serve. They lead to decks and patios, now commonly called outdoor living spaces, we enjoy when the weather permits. Patio doors let us enjoy the same views from indoors and bring lots of sunlight into our homes year round.

Different Patio Door Styles

It’s amazing how many different names we have for building materials and features such as doors and windows. Why do we use the term “patio door” when... 

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We Have a New Dog and Now Need???

New Dog, now What?

New Dog, Now What?

We’ve talked about tips for organizing all the kids paraphernalia for school, sports and other hobbies. Adding a pet brings new challenges to getting, and staying organized around the house. Mr Handyman is used to handling almost any type of request for normal home maintenance and repairs. We also get some unusual requests to assemble furniture, beds and skate ramps and some requests have to do with installing pet doors and building / expanding outdoor runs.

It’s amazing how quickly you’ll find dog items throughout your home so these tips are organized around the various activities you’ll... 

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Exterior Doors: How Many Types?

Doors that Welcome

Doors that Welcome

Exterior doors play an important role in keeping the weather outside while providing access to your home for those you invite to enter. In fact the concept of doors for safety and access has a long history. Today we look to government to protect our country’s border and safety is a factor when selecting the town where we live. We no longer need moats and drawbridges yet we still decide among the few uninvited guests, who we’ll chat with briefly and not let into our home, while others will be invited after we gain a degree of... 

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What is Curb Appeal … Exactly?


Sometimes we use terminology common to our industry but not well understood by others. Curb appeal is most commonly used by realtors to refer to the  first impression a home makes from the road or driveway, an appearance that says your home is clean and well maintained, that motivates a prospective buyer to study your house  more closely. While more people talk about curb appeal when buying or selling a house, curb appeal is also felt by your guests and neighbors who drive or stop by … so yes, curb appeal is important.

Tips to Create More Curb Appeal

Now that you’re... 

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Tips to Save Money: Bubble Wrap

Window Insulator Kit

The  current federal tax credits are meant to help home owners save energy, and windows are one of the top ways to reduce your energy costs BUT they’re expensive, even with the tax credits which only apply to the cost of the windows.

For many home owners, new windows aren’t any option right now. That’s fine but every home owner should still be looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. Here is a creative way for home owners to “insulate” their windows? Not the insulation you typically think of, and not a building product but it helps.

Look for Creative Ways... 

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Doors, Windows & Weep Holes?


Great care is taken in home construction to keep the water out (or inside the shower, tub or sink). From the peak of your roof, shingles are laid down in an overlapping fashion to keep water flowing down … and the same is true of siding. You might be more aware of gutters or rain diverters that keep water from drenching you or guests when entering your home, and downspouts help carry water away from your homes foundation.

No matter how good a job is done, water does get into our homes and needs a way to escape safely. Safety means... 

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Water Damage: Doors that Lead to Decks (Part 6)

Door with Wood Rot

Every exterior door is vulnerable to water damage. They are exposed to rain falling straight down, to water coming off the roof when there aren’t gutters or a rain diverter and there is splash back from the step just below the door, generally just 8 inches lower than the door threshold.

Many home owners think today’s fiberglass doors are less vulnerable to water damage. That’s true except good fiberglass doors have narrow wood strips around all 4 sides of the door. The wood can be planed to provide a nice snug fit, something you can’t do with the fiberglass. This wood... 

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Water Damage: Front Doors and Splashback (Part 5)

Front Door Splash Back

Front Door Splash Back

Front doors play an important role in the curb appeal of your home. They reflect the personality of the house, along with the family that lives there.

The challenge for us today is we rarely use our front doors. They are a legacy from the days when homes lined streets and we entered a house from the street or sidewalk. Now we have cars, driveways and garages. We’re much more likely to enter our homes from a side or back door.

Why does it matter what door we use?

It matters because any exterior door is likely to experience... 

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Replacing a Broken Window Pane

Double Pane Window

Double Pane Window

Replacing a broken window is easy, unless it’s an insulated (2 or more panes of glass) window created with a special manufacturing process. In a double pane window, the 2 panes of glass are spaced apart to form an insulating barrier which is filled with a gas. The complete unit, glass layers and air space, are hermetically (airtight) sealed to keep out moisture.

When replacing a double pane window, it is critical that the new window unit be measured, manufactured and installed correctly. If the seal is compromised, air can seep into the air pocket between the window... 

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Selecting New Basement Windows

Hopper Window Opens at Top

Basement windows often get overlooked when thinking about replacement windows, as we don’t see them every day. They do however, affect your home heating and/or cooling costs just like other windows. So what decisions do you need to make when picking new basement windows?

There are only a few significant decisions to make:

Vinyl, aluminum or wood, and given these windows are close to the ground, vinyl is ideal as it is more energy efficient than aluminum and less prone to moisture problems. For finished basements you can get wood windows that are vinyl clad on the outside. Energy efficiency ranges from single... 

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