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Tips to Stay Safe During Extreme Heat

Children love palying with water, especially when it

Sometimes our kids are smarter than we are, like playing in cool water when it’s too hot to do anything else. With the extreme heat waves we’re having this summer, it’s hard to stay cool. Our bodies normally cool by sweating.  but if a person’s body temperature rises too quickly, there can be damage to the brain or other vital organs. Everyone must pay more attention to the heat and help others, as young children and older people aren’t always able to identify when they’re too hot.

The extreme heat we’re having means temperatures are significantly hotter than usual, along with... 

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Replacing Washing Machine Hoses

Buying a new washing machine is fun but pay careful attention to how it

Washing machine hoses? Just as important as picking the right (energy efficient) washing machine, is making sure your new washer is installed and maintained properly.

We get interesting questions from our customers and many of them are things every homeowner should know, so we wanted to share this advice with you.

A recent email from a customer asked if she should replace the rubber hoses to her washing machine to avoid dry rotting, as someone had recommended. She also asked about the right type of metal hose to use … so here’s the answer, and if you’re not comfortable making this... 

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Why Did My Water Pipe Freeze?

Water pipes can freeze when they

Water temperatures drop, water freezes it expands and in a pipe it might burst the pipe depending on the amount of pressure. When plumbing pipes burst, water escapes and goes in many directions with a good chance there will be serious damage and repairs. The worst case is when the pipe bursts inside a wall, where you can hear it but can’t see it. That’s when you need to shut your water off as quickly as possible so if you don’t already know how to shut your water off, read Home Emergencies: Shutting Off Your Water here on our blog.


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Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Snow is pretty but dangerous so we

Snow is beautiful to look at when it’s fresh and clean. Snow is fun if you have the day off and you want to go skiing, sledding or build snowmen with your children. While we all enjoy snow at times, it can also represent danger and extra work we haven’t planned for.

With some parts of the country already buried with several feet of snow, it seemed like a good idea to help you prepare ahead for a possible snow emergency. We’ve also got tips so you know what to look for after a big snowfall, to protect you, your family... 

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Home Emergencies: Shutting the Water Off

Main Shutoff Valve

Water emergencies are the number problem home owners have to deal with. Whether water is coming in from outside, or there’s a plumbing leak inside your home … you want to handle water problems quickly. The reason? Water or high levels of moisture can continue to cause damage, often hidden damage, which increases the risk of mold along with higher repair costs.

When you finally see a small stain on your ceiling, the water leak that probably caused it may have started days or weeks earlier. What appears to be a small problem, might be small … and might be a... 

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