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Home Automation and Our Changing Lifestyle

We hardly notice the impact home automation has had on our lifestyle. At first glance, it appears that home automation began with incorporating electronics into small appliances. For example, microwaves cook food in minutes and coffee makers greet you upon wakening with a freshly brewed  cup.

A closer look reveals that home automation has been around for many years, creating homes that help us with routine tasks like cooking and washing clothes. According to Wikipedia, home automation is “… automation of the home, housework or household activity …  to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.” Wikipedia also points out that... 

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Why Home Envelopes Promote Energy Savings

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Energy savings is an important part of saving money, and many home improvements can generate incredible energy savings that lower monthly utility bills. When we think about saving energy at home, most people assume we’re talking about things inside the house.

This article instead, talks about the barriers or envelopes that separate a home’s interior from the outdoors, and the benefits these barriers provide in the form of energy savings, an airtight home that’s more comfortable and less damage due to water penetration.

Energy Savings from An Envelope?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of an envelope is “… a common packaging item, usually... 

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American Clean Energy Act


Maybe you thought the energy tax credits announced earlier this year were all that would happen?

There’s a lot more focus on developing new energy saving initiatives that will save us energy in the US and around the globe. Here is just the beginning of a “clean energy” tax bill working it’s way through our government. The breadth of initiatives covered is impressive and includes:

Targets for utilities to reduce their demand through renewable energy sources New energy standards for industry, buildings (commercial and housing) and appliances Reduce carbon emissions while investing in clean energy technologies … protect consumers from increased energy prices

New buildings need... 

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