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Deconstruction Saves Money

You can save money & help save the environment by making more conscious buying decisions

We’ve all heard about the green movement. There’s earth day, ride your bike to work day and more. We all thought going green at home would start slowly because it costs more. Amazingly we’re seeing more stories that show “thinking green” saves you money.

Thinking green means changing how we approach things. When buying something, we’re finding more recycled and sustainable products like bamboo and cork. There’s also more emphasis on using wood from local forests to avoid the cost/impact of transporting bamboo from Asia.

My inspiration for this newsletter came from the REX Project, for Reuse Everything Experiment (click for video... 

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Insulation Facts & Figures

Learn where you can/should install insulation in your house

The US government has included insulation on the list of eligible home improvements for the 2009-2010 energy tax credit. The question then is why does the government want home owners to add insulation?

Insulation Reduces Air Flow Insulation Saves Energy

Whether you live where there are cold winters or in the south where you’re running the air conditioner for several months each year, you are using energy. With more insulation you will use less energy because less “conditioned air” will be lost to the outside or unconditioned spaces in your home. It’s easy to understand that heated air rises and will flow into... 

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Fall is for Planting Spring Bulbs

Well your new fall home maintenance checklist isn’t quite done. I decided to pop in to say hi and recommend a fun project that will pay off for years to come, adding some bulbs to your garden. Color is more important that we realize and this is certainly true after a winter season where so few shrubs are green or full of color. That’s when it’s fun to watch different flowers bloom in the garden and many of these are bulbs.

Enjoy this inspirational video on planting bulbs and let me know which kind of flowers you pick.


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Finding Energy Star Promotions


Just a quick note to let you know there’s a cool government web site that will help you find special promotions that match your zip code and the type of appliance you’re looking to purchase.

Special Offers/Rebates from Energy Star Partners

To use this program, just click on this Energy Star link and … type in your zip code and check the product(s) you’re planning to buy. I did this for refrigerators and here’s the report I got back. The types of products included here:

Appliances Fans Heating and Cooling Equipment Home Electronics Home Envelope, i.e. things like insulation Lighting Products Office Equipment Residential Water Heaters


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Let’s Celebrate Earth Day 2010


Small things can add up to big changes …

Join the one billion people in 190 countries who are participating in activities April 22, 1010. Make a commitment to focus on efficient energy use, renewable sources of energy and reuse/recycling to protect our resources. You can make this world a better place to live. Here are just a few ideas:

Walk or ride a bike everywhere Plant trees and vegetables Use tote bags in place of disposable bags … reuse! Use less water and turn off lights Go for a walk and pick up trash

Want more info? Visit www.earthday.org to learn what activities are... 

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Tips to Save Money: Bubble Wrap

Window Insulator Kit

The  current federal tax credits are meant to help home owners save energy, and windows are one of the top ways to reduce your energy costs BUT they’re expensive, even with the tax credits which only apply to the cost of the windows.

For many home owners, new windows aren’t any option right now. That’s fine but every home owner should still be looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. Here is a creative way for home owners to “insulate” their windows? Not the insulation you typically think of, and not a building product but it helps.

Look for Creative Ways... 

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CFLs: Learn Why You Want Them


You’ve heard about CFLs, short for Compact Florescent Lightbulbs. Do you know why you should be using them throughout your home? They’ll save you money and time as you won’t have to replace them as frequently as you do incandescent bulbs. You’ll also be helping the environment as CFLs use less electricity.

Habits are safe, comfortable and you don’t have to think about things when it’s what you’ve always done. In fact we’re much more flexible than we realize when you think about televisions (50 years ago, they were black and white), home phones that required you to stay glued to... 

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Energy Tax Credit Good Through 2010!

Attic Insulation

Tax credits are good for you and good for the environment (more about global warming). Early in 2009, new home energy tax credits were enacted … and they remain good through year end 2010. To help those who may not have taken advantage ($1,500 once during 2009 to 2010), here is a recap of the many choices you have for saving energy in the coming years.

Home Energy Eligibility through 2010

These tax credits are available for existing homes and must be your principal residence. There are different tax incentives for new construction. Make sure you research which products are eligible for... 

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LED versus CFL Lightbulbs for Christmas?

Rockerfeller Tree with 50,000 Lights

Each family has their own holiday traditions and for many of us, that includes decorating our homes with strings of holiday lights. It’s always an adventure untangling the strings of lights and testing them to be sure they’ll light up, as one of the chores requiring lots of patience is finding and replacing the one or two bulbs that prevent a complete string from lighting and often we simply buy a new box of lights. 

If you’re buying new lights, you’ll want to look for those with Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs which are significantly more efficient. The biggest drawback to the... 

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Market Research on Green

Green Buying Helps Everyone

There are 2 very hot topics this year related to the home … energy efficiency and green (more articles).

Green Buying Helps Everyone

We’re all reading various articles about the actions home owners can take to contribute to energy savings and/or green initiatives that improve our global environment. Most of what we read is based on observations so I wanted to share this market research which definitively tells us what eco-friendly products people are buying.

Surpringly for American consumers, heading up the list was not purchasing new products, but recylcing existing products! This is a very positive change from today’s economy that... 

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