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Confused About Home Inspections?

home inspections help homeowners save money

When you bought your home, you probably had a home inspection and hopefully there weren’t any surprises.¬†Everyone should get a home inspection to identify major problems before the closing, even if you’re buying a brand new home as some things get forgotten at the end.

The real question is whether you should get another home inspection after you’ve been in the house for 5 years or more as most problems aren’t obvious, until there’s no hot water or worse, the hot water tank emptied it’s contents all over the floor (it happens if you forget to replace the anode rod).¬† An... 

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Can Fall Home Maintenance Be Fun?

fall home maintenance chores protect your family & investment

We get that home maintenance isn’t the most exciting project on your list. We know busy homeowners never have enough time so taking care of even simple home chores like changing the batteries in smoke detectors, falls to the bottom of the to do list and might not happen for months and sometimes years.

Hopefully you don’t put off your annual doctor’s visit as you can’t turn the clock back, and no matter what we do, we’re all getting older. The same is true for your home – you can’t turn the clock back and undo the water damage when there’s... 

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Home Inspections: Who Does What After the Inspection

Home buyers must negotiate with sellers for critical home repairs identified by the home inspection

When buying a home, whether used or new, buyers should always get a home inspection. Buyers understand that they may not recognize defects in older homes, i.e. how soon the roof or hot water system will need to be replaced. New homes can also have defects if the builder, or more likely one of their sub-contractors, took short cuts which weren’t caught during periodic inspections as we all get too busy at times.

The goal of a home inspection is to get advice from an impartial third party, to have them use their expertise to determine if there are any home... 

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