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Kitchen Countertops: Picking One to Fit Your Home & Budget

countertops give your kitchen personality as well as working space

Kitchen countertop choices used to be really limited in types of materials. Laminates offered 100s of different colors and patterns, and tile also had many sizes and colors to choose from.

Today we have an amazing number of countertop choices, and it’s okay to use more than one type of countertop in your kitchen which is great until you start down the path of picking out new countertops and you have no idea where to start your research so this article provides an overview of today’s most popular choices.

While it’s exciting to pick countertops to give your kitchen a personality, you... 

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Kitchen Islands for Home Gatherings

kitchen islands give you more space for food prep & more

While we might want to host our family gatherings and parties in the living room and dining room, people somehow migrate to the kitchen so why not make your kitchen island the center of your parties?

Kitchen islands are so practical that it seems like every house on HGTV has either a stand-alone island or at least one wall of cabinets open on both sides, often with seating “outside the kitchen”. If you don’t have a kitchen island yet, maybe you’re starting to plan one?

Funny how we’re still designing kitchens around the kitchen triangle from more than 50 years ago —... 

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Kitchen Designs That Can Change Your Life

Kitchen Lifestyles

Most home owners are familiar with the kitchen triangle. The concept dates back to the 1950s and was based on a study to find the most practical kitchen design for a 4 person home. The kitchen triangle is a triangle connecting the 3 critical work areas in a kitchen, the sink, stove and refrigerator (diagrams illustrating the kitchen triangles).

Kitchen Lifestyles

Our lives have changed dramatically since the 1950s, and so have kitchen designs. We have more appliances (dishwashers, microwaves, food processors, etc.). Families are spending a lot more time in the kitchen and it’s not just to prepare meals and... 

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