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Understanding the Cost & Value at Resale of Home Additions

home additions start with a foundation, then framing the walls

Home additions vary in cost across the country so “average costs”  costs in any area can be higher or lower than the national average. The yearly Cost vs Value report from Remodeling, breaks the data down for  9 regions (and 81 cities) across the USA to reflect regional differences for home additions. These differences are based on weather patterns, building codes that reflect weather variations, and the cost of labor and materials which vary based on the cost of living for each region.

Regions for  Variations in Cost/Value of Home Additions East coast regions – includes New England and the Middle Atlantic... 

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Add Space With a Home Addition

home additions provide more living space

Home additions are the perfect solution if you need more space but  love your home and don’t want to move. If you’ve got enough land and town zoning, they provide a great alternative to moving. Sometimes you need a  a family room, so when you’re cooking, you can also watch young children playing or supervise homework, or maybe it’s a master suite you’re looking for.

Once you know that adding onto your house is your best choice, it’s time to research which type of home addition will help you meet your goals. One approach is to identify your family’s activities at... 

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Patios in Your Backyard Landscape

patio rock table pavers

If you have a nice, level backyard with great landscaping or an amazing view, patios can be a fun way to integrate your landscaping into your home. A patio enhances your backyard landscape experience because it’s like a separate living area that relates more to your landscape than your house. Decks, in contrast, are more like an extension of your home than an outdoor living space.

Many people build a deck instead of a patio because then they don’t have to worry about leveling their land which can be costly. Consider the benefits of a patio: It’s detached from your house,... 

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Fire Pits & Relaxing Outdoors

backyard relaxation with firetable for warmth

Summer is getting closer and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll enjoy the great outdoors this year. Camping, barbecues, family outings and more are at your doorstep or soon to arrive.

For many of us, all those spring and summertime activities remind us of childhood. As adults, it can be difficult to find the time to enjoy the nice weather by taking a vacation or making the extra effort to spend time with relatives and friends. Many people choose to bring the campsite home by building or buying a firepit in their yard.

There are a few different ways to... 

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What’s in Your Neighbor’s Backyard?

Relax and enjoy some lemonade in your backyard

Backyards can be as mysterious so maybe you like to drive around neighborhoods you like to get ideas for landscaping? Maybe you go to open houses just to check out what other houses in your own neighborhood look like inside? You’re probably also curious as to how people are using their backyards but how do you find out what they’re doing?

Here’s an opportunity to learn what people are putting in their backyards, from a survey of landscape architects who are helping homeowners design their outdoor living spaces. The data and graph come from... 

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What’s in Your Backyard

Spending time in your backyard is an American tradition

We don’t always think of our backyards as an extension of our home, but more people are creating outdoor living spaces outdoors where they can relax and spread out during the warm weather months.

We look for more space indoors during the winter, often for storage space so we recently wrote about cleaning out your garage. When you look at your backyard, there’s lots of space you can use for cooking, care free family dinners, parties and informal gatherings with friends and neighbors.

This article is meant to give you ideas for creating your personal outdoor space, to suit your personality and... 

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