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What’s Important When Buying a Water Heater

buying a hot water heater can get complicated

There’s nothing like a good hot shower to begin or end your day. For as much as you enjoy a hot shower, how often do you think about your hot water heater? Only when you run out of hot water right?

You’d think buying a hot water heater would be easy, but today’s hot water heaters have a multitude of fuel sources, features and form factors, so, buying a hot water heater can get really complicated.

When should you buy a new hot water heater? Hopefully you know how old your hot water heater is and can plan ahead for the expense... 

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Buying Appliances: Do You Consider EnergyStar Ratings?

energystar ratings help homeowners buy major appliances

Depending on store size, buying appliances can be overwhelming. Many homeowners want to go to the store to see what the refrigerator looks like, or now we get to decide on the height of our new washing machines and dryers. Your first decision will be researching to pick which store you visit, and that likely will depend on your budget and desire to survey a full range of products where refrigerators and ovens can cost $5,000 or more. With less disposable income, you’ll look for appliances within your budget, so we hope this article will explain that there are other... 

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Homeowners Should Research Energy Efficient Projects to Avoid Fraud

Insulation is a great tool for saving energy, and therefore money

We recently wrote about new insulation choices that are coming to market, to address increased focus on making our homes more energy efficient. It was a surprise then (or maybe it shouldn’t surprise us), to find that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined a company $350,000 making “deceptive and unsubstantiated” energy and cost saving claims regarding insulation products.

The specifics of the case aren’t as important as the key message, that homeowners need to make informed decisions, i.e. you should be researching home improvement projects, products and materials before purchase. The FTC included the following warning in their announcement ”  A... 

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Smart Thermostats Easier to Use (No Programming)

smart thermostats replace programmable thermostats

Are you still turning your thermostats up and down each day? Have you learned how to program your … programmable thermostats?

There’s a lot more emphasis on saving energy — our homes are getting more airtight, our heating and cooling systems are getting more efficient, and new, smarter thermostats are learning what temperature we like so in case you don’t program or adjust your temperature, these smart thermostats will do it for you.

Like our light bulbs which took a 100 years before Thomas Edison’s design was replaced by new CFL and LED bulbs, we’ve got some new products on the market... 

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Insulation Choices Are Expanding

rolls of fiberglass insulation are the most common

Insulation is a hidden but critical building material that makes today’s homes energy efficient. Over the years building codes have gotten more stringent so today’s homes framed with 2 x 6s have wall cavities that hold more insulation than earlier homes built with 2 x 4 lumber, and some older homes may not have any insulation.

It’s common to add insulation to existing homes to improve your home’s comfort and lower energy bills. You can do this by adding insulation in the attic and the best time to add insulation to your walls is when you’re replacing your siding.

This article reviews... 

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Water Leaks Can Cost You Money

Water leaks average 10,000 gallons per home, every year! That means we’re wasting enough water to fill a swimming pool each year and that’s not good, especially when we’re spending money and getting nothing or an unwanted headache down the road?

That’s why it’s important to find and fix water leaks, sooner rather than years after problems start. You shouldn’t ignore a puddle on the floor or wet things in the kitchen cabinet under the sink  and yes, it happens to everyone at some point in your life as a homeowner (renters too).

It might feel like we have an unlimited supply of water... 

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Why Home Envelopes Promote Energy Savings

home envelope, energy savings, insulation home envelope, thermal home envelope, exterior home envelope

Energy savings is an important part of saving money, and many home improvements can generate incredible energy savings that lower monthly utility bills. When we think about saving energy at home, most people assume we’re talking about things inside the house.

This article instead, talks about the barriers or envelopes that separate a home’s interior from the outdoors, and the benefits these barriers provide in the form of energy savings, an airtight home that’s more comfortable and less damage due to water penetration.

Energy Savings from An Envelope?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of an envelope is “… a common packaging item, usually... 

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