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Doors, Windows & Weep Holes?


Great care is taken in home construction to keep the water out (or inside the shower, tub or sink). From the peak of your roof, shingles are laid down in an overlapping fashion to keep water flowing down … and the same is true of siding. You might be more aware of gutters or rain diverters that keep water from drenching you or guests when entering your home, and downspouts help carry water away from your homes foundation.

No matter how good a job is done, water does get into our homes and needs a way to escape safely. Safety means... 

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Replacing a Broken Window Pane

Double Pane Window

Double Pane Window

Replacing a broken window is easy, unless it’s an insulated (2 or more panes of glass) window created with a special manufacturing process. In a double pane window, the 2 panes of glass are spaced apart to form an insulating barrier which is filled with a gas. The complete unit, glass layers and air space, are hermetically (airtight) sealed to keep out moisture.

When replacing a double pane window, it is critical that the new window unit be measured, manufactured and installed correctly. If the seal is compromised, air can seep into the air pocket between the window... 

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Selecting New Basement Windows

Hopper Window Opens at Top

Basement windows often get overlooked when thinking about replacement windows, as we don’t see them every day. They do however, affect your home heating and/or cooling costs just like other windows. So what decisions do you need to make when picking new basement windows?

There are only a few significant decisions to make:

Vinyl, aluminum or wood, and given these windows are close to the ground, vinyl is ideal as it is more energy efficient than aluminum and less prone to moisture problems. For finished basements you can get wood windows that are vinyl clad on the outside. Energy efficiency ranges from single... 

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UPDATE: Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Star

Last week I wrote about savings for homeowners in the Stimulus Package. Unfortunately the government web sites didn’t reflect the changes, so I could only describe what was on the Energy Star web site at the time. Here is a quick summary of the changes:

Energy Star's Anatomy of an Energy Efficient Window

Old Energy Tax Credits – 10% of product costs, for max of $500

New Energy Tax Credits – 30% of product costs, up to $1,500

Previously, this credit was over the life of the tax credit (2006, 2007 & 2009) and that restriction no longer appears on the Energy... 

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Energy Savings for Homeowners Part of Stimulus Package

Pie chart showing breakdown of a home

The stimulus bill has been passed. More than $50 billion is focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy.  While most of the money is earmarked for improving energy infrastructure, government and manufacturing facilities … we all eventually benefit from these investments as the technologies trickle down to new materials for home construction.

Residential Home's Energy Losses

For homeowners, here are the immediate benefits with respect to energy:

Extends to 2010, tax credits for purchase of more efficient furnaces, windows and doors, insulation, etc. Please be careful in planning your investments as there are quite a few limitations. The EnergyStar (www.energystar.gov) web site: Home... 

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Water Damage: Window Trim (Part 2)

Window Sill BEFORE

Continuing our series on common water damage problems faced by homeowners, we next look at windows. My theory is we see window problems more frequently as they are difficult to paint, and paint is what protects them from water damage.

Unfortunately many homeowners put off the task tooo long. What might have been an easy repair, becomes very costly when multiple windows have to be replaced as the photos below illustrate. The water only needs to penetrate through the protective paint to start the rotting process. It continues, extending in all directions invisible to a visual inspection. The best way to... 

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Energy Vampires: Learn How to Identify & Tame Them

Vampire Bats

Vampire ENERGY

Vampire energy is a new term I learned today. I admit I knew the concept but like most Americans, I haven’t made the effort to conserve energy like I should. So what is it?

Vampire energy is the energy used by things 24 hours a day, even when they are turned off or aren’t being used. You may not realize that TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computers/printers, stereos, microwaves, coffee machines, washers/dryers, rechargeable power tools, etc use vampire energy. You think you’ve turned them off, but they are still using power.

We think the TV remote saves us energy but it... 

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