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Winter Home Damage: Find, Clean & Repair


Spring is a beautiful time of year with new, fresh colors outdoors and the birds chirping to wake you up in the morning. For many of us it means we can get out in the garden and do what we love, working in the dirt and making things grow. Spring is about new things, new life and so it’s hard to …

Focus on cleaning up the damage that winter storms might have done to your home because that’s not much fun. As your handyman though, it’s my job to tell you it’s very important to find and make repairs to... 

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Water Damage: Doors that Lead to Decks (Part 6)

Door with Wood Rot

Every exterior door is vulnerable to water damage. They are exposed to rain falling straight down, to water coming off the roof when there aren’t gutters or a rain diverter and there is splash back from the step just below the door, generally just 8 inches lower than the door threshold.

Many home owners think today’s fiberglass doors are less vulnerable to water damage. That’s true except good fiberglass doors have narrow wood strips around all 4 sides of the door. The wood can be planed to provide a nice snug fit, something you can’t do with the fiberglass. This wood... 

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Water Damage: Front Doors and Splashback (Part 5)

Front Door Splash Back

Front Door Splash Back

Front doors play an important role in the curb appeal of your home. They reflect the personality of the house, along with the family that lives there.

The challenge for us today is we rarely use our front doors. They are a legacy from the days when homes lined streets and we entered a house from the street or sidewalk. Now we have cars, driveways and garages. We’re much more likely to enter our homes from a side or back door.

Why does it matter what door we use?

It matters because any exterior door is likely to experience... 

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